The Wicked Engine of Connected Desire :
an unsurpassed antidote for CHRONIC Disconnection
2 week residency at The LAB.
W.E. was successfully activated September 14-15th 2007

Heartfelt THANKS to all of the Wicked Engine's many conscientious Observers for insights, candor, willingness to explore and take on the forces of Disconnection with curiousity, humor, honesty, love, empathy, courage and focus.

And to two great audiences who willingly volunteered and played along

with local actors extraordinaire:

Kim Criswell, Mike Feinberg
Emlyn Guiney and Beth Lisick

and to Kristen Chappa, Mark Edwards & Sherry Koyama at The LAB
2948 16th Street @ CAPP, San Francisco, CA

Watch Performance VIDEO

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Watch 'Where are we now?' VIDEO

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The project statement plus More photos

Releasing disconnection (performance photos)

Beth Lisick as Desire

Emlyn Guiney as Bee Bop; Kim Criswell as Disconnecta

Kim Criswell as Disconnecta

Bike wheel 'anti-spin' device looking up from floor

New Wicked Engine Project Report BOOK 8"x!0", click to preview or order
The Observers. (Click each photo for individual video)
Each Observor was asked where they noticed their known path, core values and truths being intersected by a disconnecting factor; something that spun their world or caused on a daily basis an uncomfortable compliance.....also how they reconnected after such an encounter and what they most wanted the Wicked Engine to take on.

Thanks to
anonymous teens
at east bay middle school
(audio only)